Our Print Lab

Here we will be providing prints of the architecture we have photographed. Each print will be available in two options 1) Ready to hang on your wall in a bespoke, custom designed frame or 2) Print only. Just because it's not in the store doesn't mean it's not available! We'll be rotating prints regularly and happy to prepare any prints for you which you see on our instagram account but you can't see available in our store at the time. Please reach out to us to place an order.

Our Frames

Our signature frames are extruded aluminium gold, white or black anodized frames with white inner and outer mats. In some instances a frame and custom mat is personally designed by Damon to go with the style of each individual photograph.

Our Photographer

Damon Jones formed "Survival Through Design" back in 2019. Like most things in his world they are fuelled by his passion. It started as a hike with a camera phone and a list of addresses. In 2023, now equipped with his vintage medium format, 35mm film cameras, and digital camera he is now proud to share his architectural photography with you all. Thanks for your support.

Our Photographs

The majority of our photographs are taken on a late 1970's Hassleblad 500c/m 120 Medium Format film camera. All our negatives are scanned internally and converted into high resolution digital format and then turned into prints. All images remain raw, unedited taken directly from the camera to ensure we share our same photographic moment with you too.

Depending on the profile of the subject, we occasionally utilize a Sony A7iii Digital camera or Contax T 'Point and Shoot' and Canon AE-1 film cameras. The chosen camera for each photograph will be mentioned in each photograph's specification.

*Images depicted on this website are of a lower resolution to the actual resolution of the prints which are high resolution 4832x4760.